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We help the business owner break the shackles of traditional business and grow to its full potential with personalized web and mobile apps. We are a company well equipped with the knowledge and experience of more than 14 years. We understand our role in connecting you and your business with your audience. In this constantly changing digital world, we ensure your business never trails behind and stays competitive.

Shikhar Tech Approach

Digital Marketing

Every business is unique so is yours. Online presence is a must for the growth of you and your business. Our experts plan strategies specially tailored toward meeting your objectives.


Express your mystifying creativity with confidence. Have faith in us and trust our process. With our team of design and UI experts, we work to add life to your website.


A business integrates technology to extend its abilities to provide and serve customers. Our knowledge pool and an arsenal full of modern technologies help your business stand strong and confident at the forefront of satisfying and recognizing customers and their wants.


The rapid growth of a business without any focus on sustainability is not to be encouraged. We focus on strengthening your ability to maintain your business over time with all the necessary well-planned strategies and support.


As an entrepreneur seeing your dream business grow and develop is surreal. In this competitive age where every minute is crucial for your business, we provide you with expert opinions and plans to revitalize and boost your business to a new height.

Global Talent. Intimate Scale.

Shikhar Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a company based in Nepal. Being founded in 2008, we have grown and established an international relationship of trust and respect with our clients.

We are a team of experts with over 14 years of experience providing a tailored digital experience to our clients. We are a devoted team well versed in everything digital that opts to use best practices which guarantees we provide the best services to our clients. Working with clients from different corners of the world and helping them achieve prosperity is what we aim for. We are proud to flaunt our partnership with companies like Voxship.

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Grow With Us.

At ShikharTech, we provide you not only a job but an environment to grow both personally and professionally. We firmly believe in hard work, sincerity, unity, and discipline.

We are looking for individuals with a strong work ethic to join our team and make it more than the best. If you are the one that can add value to our organization, we would love to hear from you. Mail us at info@shikhartech.com or use the contact us form.

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We would love to hear and discuss your ideas. Get in touch by email or use the contact button located below. If you prefer talking on a call, please feel free to book an appointment through email.

Shikhar Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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